These blogs are the absolute best and I love them for so many reasons.
They brighten up my dash and my day. In no particular order.

Gif/Edit Queens : These people make me want to quit photoshop forever.

kneeyum, flawlesscher, horayne, 1dbromance, -diannas, josilynnnx3

Amazing Authors : I’ve cried after reading at least one fic from each of these people. 

theflyinganonymouse, bringingwordstolife, sometimesitshardtograsp, nialljustgotwet

Sweethearts : No one is as nice as the people in this category.

nicolkacola, niallispretty, liamhasawoody, bigtimerachell, bigtimedimples

Sassy BeastsThese people give no fucks and that’s how I like them.

zaynsprincess, hommos, liusbian, gnarlypants, fuckyeahzarry, harrymalik

My Girls People I know outside of fandom, or from another fandom, or whatever. I just love them okay.

|OllyCats: verliebtinmunich, partypoison |

 imperfection101withloveadub, brianadabest

This has got to be the most organized follow forever in existence lol. Anyways love you guys xx

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